GO’s & Service Particulars

Data Entry to Assistant Programmer -Panel -2018-2019

AP Service Particulars 2018-2019 Called Letter

Assistant Programmer to Programmer – Promotion List

Assistant Programmers – Panel – 2017-2018

Data Entry Operators – Panel – 2017-2018

Assistant Programmers – Seniority list

Data Entry Operators – Seniority List

Junior Drawing more Salary than Senior CMA Letter

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Guidelines 2005

Tamilnadu Municipal Information Technology Service Rule – G.O.162 – Dt. 15.11.2016 .

Tamilnadu Municipal Information Technology Service – Gazette Copy. Dt. 30.11.2016

G.O.Ms.No.201 dt. 30.10.1998 -Information Technology Post Creation Government G.O.

G.O.Ms.No.202 dt.30.10.1998 – Information Technology Post Qualifications G.O

G.O.60 Service Regularisation dt.11.04.2008 -Information Technology Post Regularization & Other Benefits

G.O. Ms No. 84 dt. 12.06.2013 – Constitution of Tamilnadu Municipal Information Technology Service

Programmer Regularization of Service – Roc.No. 5163 /2003/IT-1 dated 12.08.2008

Information Technology Professionals details – Information Technology Services Final as on 01.01.2008

Assistant Programmer- Regularization of Service – Roc.No. 5163 /2003/IT-1 dated 12.08.2008

Data Entry Operators- Regularization of Service – Roc.No. 5163 /2003/IT-1 dated 12.08.2008

Industries & Commerce Dept- Adhoc Rules – G.O.Ms.No.77 dated 8.11.2004

7th Pay Commission Report Central Govt. 7th Pay Commission Report

TN Municipal Accounts service rules_Gazette

Municipal Administration Related GO’s

Annual Maintenance of Computer -G.O